The process

We live with ourselves - our body,soul and spirit.

And in our lives with ourselves, we must connect to our essence and ask:

Who am I? what am I? Why am I the way I am?

It's not good or bad, right or wrong, black or white. We just need to know our true self.

It happens that we adapt ourselves to our environment, to our family, to social situations, in order to be accepted, loved, wanted and wanted. Then we lecture others and forget our true desire. These adaptive behaviors become a way of life, moving completely away from the initial core of our personality with which we were born.

Another reason for losing our authenticity is because we experienced lack of acceptance when we fully expressed ourselves and experienced silence or were not fully accepted for all our pros and cons, that we did not experience free love with all levels of our personality, our fears and our desires. But there is nothing better than going with our truth!

One of the hardest things about creating change in life is the lack of knowledge and fear of the reaction of our immediate environment.

The environment will have to adapt to this and you will receive yourself as a gift, which is the most important thing in our lives!

I believe in change through expression and creation techniques along with there is an opportunity to take responsibility for the desired change in your life - to feel, express, experience and see how things change for the better!

So how do you find and return the true self?
With the help of exercises that evoke the subconscious, which is the most authentic thing there is.

And thus the body is aroused to reveal the authenticity and we return to being present in the body and in our full being.

And that is the whole Torah


Listen to the body.


He knows.


He remembers, he does not forget.


Everything... -


The good and the bad,


The pleasant, and the not-so-so ...


He rememberd,


Sometimes with the help of odors


Sometimes with the help of touch


Sometimes with the help of mirrors.


Builds his mind,


From his experiences and memoirs.



Listen to him, to the body, and pay attention.


Everything he does, this body:


When he is tired, he signals.


When he has "thorns", he jumps.


When he is hungry, he signals,


When he misses, he cries.


When he is satisfied, he relaxes,


And when he enjoys it, he is happy.


He sheds tears,


He gathers hair,


He is contracting muscles ...


And drops himself.


And we will also be sick ...


And then he heals himself, and heals himself.


He wakes up, and sleeps,


And sees and watches,


And he mainly thinks,


But also operates without thought.


And staring,


And staying,


And surgeon,


And examiner.


Everything he does,


This body.

He's exciting


And excited,


And imagines,


And fantasizes,




And speaks,


And silent,


And plays,


And stretches,


And forgets,


And remember, a lot he remembers.


From there, ever since, and forever!


He likes to see what he's done in the past,

And there were souvenirs around,

In the form of men,








And a complete sequence of conversations,









And when he put his finger on the good place,

This body,


So good for him.

And it's good for us.




He is always present,

Encircles the soul

And guards it.



Is in constant dialogue with you.


Excited with you




The time




And she signals to him

And speaks to the body that carries it,


And sometimes even cries out to him.


She's aware of his weaknesses,

But also knows his power and his abilities.


And he hears, always.

But he is not sure of himself

And in his abilities ...












That there is nothing in this world that the soul can not


With her body.


Tal Levy Cohen

Understanding the body as a tool of authentic movementexpression, leads to the acknowledgement of the true self, thus paving an easy and natural way to solve problems and improve relationships with ourselves and our loved ones!

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