Female Dancer

"Because body movement

is the movement of the soul that moves from within. "


Yona Shachar-Levy

The trailer of the show Express your MARGA

A show based on my personal process of transformation-change, from an experience of depression, loneliness and difficulty directing my life to the path I want, using therapy and performing arts techniques - I got to where I always wanted to be, I found my place in every way - and I reached happiness (:

Excerpts from the show "Tal"

A brave show that exposes the mind and can inspire many women and people in general, it allows us to better understand our responsibilities as parents and as human beings.

Based on my personal process as a girl and dancer in dealing with the eating disorder - bulimia, which I recovered from. In the show I describe how I wore the disease and describe the way I understood through psychological and artistic theories and techniques how it can be shed.

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