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An original Dance-Theatre solo performance by Tal Levy Cohen



צפייה בטריילר
השכרה ‏75 ₪

The performance is based on of Tal’s process as a girl-woman and dancer in dealing with the eating disorder bulimia, which she recovered from, and she directed, created choreography and performs it.


Referring to the theories she learned during her therapy studies, and with honest artistic physical expression, Tal goes back in time and floods the memories and events of her life. As a child to divorced parents and as a dancer in the dance department. In the performance, she illustrates how she "dressed up" the disease on herself and describes the pain and suffering she experienced with people around her talking to her and things that society tells us.

A brave show that exposes the mind and can inspire many people, it allows us to better understand our responsibilities as parents and as human beings. The show leaves viewers with personal and universal insights about the meaning of discourse between us, the importance of our understanding of ourselves, and the way the body and mind operate.


Said about the show:

"It was fascinating. So many abilities and insights combined in one show.

Tal looks wonderful and dances wonderfully. Beautiful piece!!! "

(Shuli Ziv, former CEO of ZOA and Haifa Theater and a business coach for artists)


"Tal's abilities to fly, be exposed and break forward are amazing each time. The discourse around addictions, body image, femininity, and 'on the expected' is illustrated in her most authentic and flowing way. And no, she does not make 'life easy' for the audience. She evokes thought in all sectors and genders. Big Bravo!"


(Limor Waxblatt, creating actor)



Writing, Directing, Choreography and Performance: Tal Levy Cohen

Consulting, Rehearsal & Stage management: Bat-Chen Harvardi Vakshi

Dramaturgy: Osnat Shnek Yosef