Have you always felt that you can do more than you succeed?

Do you feel that you are repeatedly coming to the same place that is not artistically satisfying?

The connection to our authentic feelings, thoughts, images, emotions, movements and voices, in every moment - expands our canvas as performers, as well as the ability to conduct ourselves on stage and behind it.

Through individual and/or group work using acting and movement techniques - we are opening a space for a unique artistic expression, strengthning the presence and the sense of comfort in front of an audience and the fan of skills and creativity expands.



Unfortunately, the divorce phenomenon is intensifying.

The initial feeling in a divorce between spouses, is that there is no longer anything clear and absolute.

When the parents decide to divorce, the reality for the children is changing comletely in one moment.
Movement and play are the most natural places to touch things that are not expressed on a daily basis.

I share much of my personal experience as a child to divorced parents and as a wife to a divorced man with children.

The move is shared by children and parents and allows for connection and change, in moments when everything is unsettled.


In our modern world, eating disorders are a real epidemic.

The connection to the body through conversations and movement, is a tool for dealing with the definition of self-identity and improving the acceptance of the body.

One can understand the emotional ground on which the disorder grew and change the attitude towards oneself from a mental strength and self-confidence.

A place is created for the unique personality, the trust in ourselves and in the environment is developed and healthy relationships are formed.

Working from personal experience - I contracted bulimia and recovered from it.

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