Female Dancer

"To dance is to learn things about yourself more than to learn about dance ."


Billy Elliott, the musical

Create yourself

Presence in the body & Expression of the authentic personal voice

Dance Movement Therapy

Some people go with the flow,
Some people go against the flow,
I invite you to dance your own personal dance .
A gate will be open for you to date yourself, where food will be served to your soul,
And you will be led to a change in your mind, soul and consciousness.
Creating positive change through connecting inward to the feelings and emotions of the unique personality and empowering it.

Expanding the ability to move and the ability to express oneself while giving expression to creativity by various artistic means.

Developing awareness of body and mind in a way that encourages personal development and healing.

While understanding the mental place in the body, through movement in different techniques, acting, improvisation and creation.

Guided Imagery and Meditation - Exercises which connects you to your soul and familiarity with sources of knowledge and sources of inspiration.

Developing the ability to deal with stress and anxiety, ADHD, changing patterns and releasing barriers, improving relationships with ourselves and with our loved ones.
Also suitable for the autism spectrum, for the treatment of eating disorders and body image and as a support for the divorce process - parents and children.

One-time tutorials and ongoing workshops

The tutorials and workshops are tailored to the target audience.  The participants are invited to a personal and group journey to deepen the expression and the ability to move in the  body and the mind; to express personal and creative expressions, and to understand the interpersonal connections.

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Tamar, mother of a child I work with

"Tal is special in the treatment process given to patients. I am the mother of an eight-year-old boy who has experienced difficulties following divorce and adjustment in a sharp transition to school.

Already two years ago and working with Tal helps him express himself in a way he loves, understands and knows.

There is a tremendous improvement in his reference, the way he expresses things and the process he went through and still is.

Tal gives tremendous tools and emotional support, containing the whole family and is very important in her way being with the son. I Trust her and give her full confidence."

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