Female Dancer

"To dance is to learn things about yourself more than to learn about dance ."


Billy Elliott, the musical

Performances & Workshops
for Authentic Expression & Universal Connection

For Performers & People

 To better the presence in the body

& To express the authentic self

To feel whole with yourself and who you are,
To find your unique voice and bring out your truth.
Using methods from the worlds of dance, theater, creation & therapy.

ראיון טלוויזיוני בנוגע ליצירה "טאל"

Developing the ability to deal with stress and anxiety, ADHD.
Changing patterns, releasing barriers, improving relationships with ourselves and with loved ones.
Also suitable for the autism spectrum, for the treatment of eating disorders and body image.
Some people go with the flow,
Some people go against the flow,
I invite you to dance your own personal dance .
יש א.נשים שהולכים עם הזרם
יש א.נשים שהולכים נגד הזרם
אני מזמינה אותך לרקוד את הריקוד האישי שלך!

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Tamar, mother of a child I work with

"My boy is 8 and has experienced difficulties following divorce and adjustment to school.

Already two years working with Tal helps him express himself in a way he loves and knows.

There is a tremendous improvement in the way he expresses things and the process he went through and still is.

I Trust her and give her full confidence.Tal gives tremendous tools and emotional support, containing the whole family. "